Video Monitoring

Ensure round-the-clock security for your property with our 24/7 video monitoring services. Utilize remote monitoring services and save yourself some money. By integrating video monitoring to your security camera system, you scale your property’s security into a completely new level.

Skilled Video Monitoring Specialists

In conjunction with qualified 3rd party IT specialists, 5K Security systems offers 24/7 video monitoring services to ensure that our clients’ premises stay safe. We will remotely monitor your camera feeds, to safeguard both the property and the people interacting with it.

By adding analytical software to your security camera system, the live specialists monitoring your cameras, receive alerts if any irregular activity happens. They then evaluate the warning and decide whether it is worth notifying the authorities, or if it’s a harmless alert.

When you employ these services as a business, you are sure to be cutting your security personnel cost.
You’ll also be sleeping easy knowing that professionals are monitoring your property.

Outdoor Security Camera Surveillance

Security cameras offer peace of mind both for you and your employees, as you know someone has GOT your back. With an outdoor CCTV system monitoring what happens around your premises 24 hours a day, you are sure to have a recording to refer to, if anything happened.

This helps to significantly reduce theft, burglary and crimes rates in and around the facility. These cameras are weatherproof, which means that unforgiving weather conditions do not damage them. Their motion detectors activate the system every time an event occurs, causing it to capture and store high-definition footage for future viewing.

Most outdoor cameras have night vision qualities, meaning that they can capture clear recordings both during the day and at night. Adding the video monitoring services to these outdoor security systems can increase the system’s capability to reduce violent crimes, burglaries, hit and run events, and more.

security CCTV camera with blurry building in background

Secure your entire property with our video surveillance services:

Outdoor camera surveillance
Indoor camera surveillance

Adding video surveillance to your camera security system gives your home or business an extra security level. 5K Security Systems have the best team to ensure your property is secure 24/7, 365 days. Contact us today to learn more.

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