Video Conferencing Installation Services

Looking for reliable video conferencing installation services? 5K Security Systems install video conferencing systems and perform all the needed maintenance, from installation to setup. 

Video conferencing and collaboration solutions

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has become the number catalyst to the adoption of technology such as video conferencing tools. Many organizations have switched to video calling in recent times driven by restrictions on interaction and travelling.

5K Security Systems can help you adapt to this new norm quickly and efficiently. With our cloud-based video conferencing solutions, employees and clients can actively participate in a virtual meeting regardless of their location.

Our high-quality video conferencing tools will not only help boost business productivity and encourage collaboration but also reduce travel costs and save on non-productive tasks. Working closely with leading manufacturers helps deliver seamless video conferencing solutions to large conferences and virtual meetings of any size.

Whatever the software platform you use like Skype, Microsoft Teams or Zoom, we can work with you to select the right combination of software, hardware and services to get your meeting up and running.

Wireless Presentation System For Business

The rapid rise in the use of devices like desktops, laptops, smartphone and tablets in the workplace has necessitated the need to integrate systems that let people connect and display content in one place. The ideal solution is a wireless presentation system that offers the capability to share ideas with anyone viewing the shared screen seamlessly.

To enjoy a wireless environment, reach out to 5K Security Systems. We install the wireless presentation system at a reasonable price. The good thing about our system is that it’s incredibly easy to use, and any employee can benefit from it. With this system, you’ll no longer have to rely on an IT department to set up a meeting room. A wireless environment is tidier as you’ll have fewer cables to worry about, and it’s trouble-free which saves you time.

A visit to your meeting room by our team of specialists can help decide the best and most budget-friendly solution for you. Since we are authorized installation partners with some big brands, you can choose from the wide selection.

Our main services include:

Projector Installation Services
Speaker Installation Services
Interactive Classroom Installation Services
Meeting Room AV
Digital Signage
TV Mounting and Setup

For these AV installation needs and more, 5K Security Systems are the right partners. We’ll make your needs our problem. Contact us today, and you’ll never regret it.

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