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Turn body temperature screening at every entrance into a quick and smooth activity. Trust our Superior security camera systems, even for the unseen enemy. 5K Security Systems installs thermal cameras helping you keep invisible threats like the Coronavirus at bay.

Best Thermal Body Temperature Screening System

Times are rapidly changing, and so do the security threats and needs. That’s why at 5K Security Systems, we endeavor to understand how these changes affect your safety and offer the best solutions present.

The current COVID-19 pandemic is an eye-opener and a catalyst for heightened security measures. Although the standard security cameras systems will protect against burglary, theft, intrusion, and break-ins, there’s a need for more.

That’s why 5K Security Systems offer thermal body temperature screening cameras, for an even advanced surveillance. With our cutting edge cameras, you can easily monitor the body temperatures of everyone entering your building. This way, you can protect both your visitors and staff from invisible threats.

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Paired with a blackbody sensor, our body temperature screening cameras provide body temperature readings with a ±0.3°C accuracy. The cameras screen, identify, and sends you an alert (light or audio) through the security system. These cameras are ideal additions to your security camera system, especially when your facility has a large daily flow of visitors.

You can easily identify people carrying contagious infections such as COVID-19, SARS, Ebola, and more, which have high fever as their first symptom. Don’t be left behind as the world tries to kick out these invisible enemies. Hire 5K Security experts today and be on the front line.

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Thermal Body Temperature NVR Software

In conjunction with the thermal NVR software, body temperature screening cameras seamlessly integrate with your security cameras system to monitor your entry points. The cameras help your security staff easily monitor and identify possible infected persons without much hassle or coming into contact with them.
The system is ideal for various setups including:
It is a fast way to remotely conduct thermal body temperature screening and get accurate results.

Benefits of Thermal Body Screening

Some businesses are more busy and crowded than others. That’s the reason why we need to be extra careful to ensure that people visiting these places are safe. Your customers, employees, and visitors all need to be assured of their safety when entering your facility.By integrating the thermal body temperature screening cameras to your security system, it adds another vital security level, especially at these challenging times.
And, in comparison to many thermal temperature screeners in the market, our products offer the following:
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Whether you need a thermal body temperature screening system for your home, apartment, or business, 5K Security Systems has your back. The thermal cameras are customized to meet your needs, and to help you maintain the set guidelines for COVID-19 prevention, and more.

Whether you operate a busy grocery store, a law firm, or a car dealership, we have products that suits any of these setups. As the governments continue easing lockdown restrictions and businesses start to reopen, take the initiative, and secure your facility.

By prescreening people entering your property through thermal cameras, you’ll not only be able to identify possible risks, but also keep your security personnel safe.

Non-Contact Temperature Measurement
Mask Detection
High-Temperature Notification
Fast Facial Recognition
Accurate Reading +/- ±0.3°C
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