Smart Home Automation

With our smart home automation system, you can easily control all your home’s security, lighting, appliances, climate, and entertainment systems, right from a single device.
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Smart Home Automation Solutions

As technology keeps advancing each passing day, so should we be able to adapt. Various companies in home security, entertainment, lighting, and more, have all turned into developing intelligent home systems. This means that you can now control your music, lights, security surveillance, and home climate, from a single knob, phone, tablet, or touch panel.

There’s no better way to control what goes on in your home, than with smart home automation solutions from 5K Security Systems. Imagine being able to remotely access your security cameras, unlock your doors, or even put on the lights, by a single button on your smartphone.

How about setting up your favorite playlist or changing your living room’s shade to set the right mood for entertainment? All this is possible through our smart home automation systems. Our cutting-edge technology helps to make life in that home a bliss.
We are the best smart home automation system installers in New York.

Benefits and Applications of Smart Home Automation

Home Theatre

Home theatre setups are increasingly becoming popular in residential houses, and it’s not without a perfect reason. The appeal of a media or cinema space, tailored to offer maximum music and video entertainment is just irresistible.

Whether you want to enjoy the latest blockbuster, a cool black emancipation film, or just listen to the soothing Dolly Parton’s lyrics, a custom home theatre offers just the right experience.
At 5K Security Systems, we ensure that we understand your very specific needs, to create a dedicated space that gives you the best experience, and at your budget range.

Whether you need it fitted with high-end 4k ultra HD screens with Blu-Ray player, media server, and dedicated amplifiers, or just a simple setup with a 48″ TV, soundbar, and a DVD player, we know just the right way to make it perfect.
Our team of experts is ready to bring all your theatre dreams right to your home. We employ the latest technology, years of experience, and dedication to see your vision come true.
Wall mounted display with hidden audio speakers

Hidden Audio Video

Want to declutter your space to fit your interior design? We have just the right entertainment technology for you. Hidden audio and video technology are designed to blend with your space, maintaining that aesthetic interior design and décor.

If you want it unseen, at 5K Security Systems, we install hidden speakers, Mirror TVs, flush-mount controls, and concealed video displays, to fit your design requirements. 

Get high-tech entertainment technology that marries and blends seamlessly with your beautiful space without sacrificing either – design or entertainment.

Multi-Room Audio

Also known as “Whole House Audio” or “Audio Distribution,” this system involves distributing music to every room in your house. It allows you to play music from anywhere in the house using a central processor. This smart home automation system means that you can intuitively control your music via a keypad, touch panel, iPad, or a handheld RF remote.

At 5K Security Systems, we understand the power music has in our lives. From uplifting our spirits, inspiration, and helping us to relax, the right music hits every element of our beings. That’s why we do our best to ensure that you have the best performing audio system in your residence. We install high-tech solutions that allow you to appreciate music wherever you are in the house.

Whether you need to install a new system, or to refurbish your existing one, 5K Security Systems has the expertise, capability, and zeal to make it happen. Stream the music from your Android, iPhone, iPad, CD, or tablet, anytime and from any room.

Video Distribution

Just like the audio distribution, video distribution is another excellent feature of a smart home automation system. Also known as multi-room video, the system allows you to watch different TVs from different rooms, via one video source. This means that you can watch your favorite game, or show, from any room in your house, using a single satellite receiver, Blu-ray player, or game console.
So, if you have several TVs in your house, you don’t need to also have several cable receivers. The multi-room video systems allow video sharing across various TVs through a video matrix switcher. Our installers are experts in integrating your video distribution, offering a simplified and efficient video management.
Watch Apple TV, DVR, or DVD, from any room in the house. Pause a program in the bedroom and continue watching in the TV room.

Outdoor Audio and Video Entertainment

Don’t sacrifice your audio or video entertainment for that sweet, warm weather – you can enjoy them both. With our outdoor entertainment systems, you can continue enjoying your favorite music or show outside, while basking on your pool. And, the quality is never compromised; we install systems that ensure top-notch audio and video quality.
Extend your entertainment system to your patio through our outdoor TVs, speakers, subwoofers, and more. Let us create the perfect outdoor entertainment space for you, your family, and friends.

Why Choose our Smart Home Automation Systems

Integrated Systems

Why have so many controls that can be exhausting? Those multiple remotes, lighting switches, and security system panels, can all function from one device. Visualize pressing just one button, to turn on the lights in the house, set the right temperature, and select your favorite music playlist.
If you want to declutter your space of all the numerous switches, control panels, and knobs, this is the best solution. Let our experts integrate all your control systems into a single, easy-to-manage smart system.
Our systems allow any member of your family to control all room functions from a chosen smart device. Make all your control systems work as a team.

Flexibility and Accommodation

No matter how superb your devices and appliances are, some even newer technology will outdo them soon. This means that you might need to change some of these appliances or devices at some point. With 5K Security Systems smart home automation, you won’t have to worry about incompatibility. 

Our technology is flexible enough to accommodate any new future device or technology. This means that you can seamlessly integrate your current systems with a new one, making your home management even easier. Our systems enable you to upgrade to the latest technology and live your best life.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Our smart-home technology gives you a chance to make your home more energy-efficient. For instance, the system offers better control over your home’s HVAC systems through a smart, programmable thermostat. The thermostat can learn your ideal temperature preferences, and suggest the best temperature settings, for optimal energy efficiency throughout the day.
You can also program the lights and electrically powered shades, to switch on or off depending on the time of the day. This helps to ensure that there’s minimal energy wastage in your home.

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