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5K Security Systems specializes in structured cabling installation, data cable installation, voice and data cabling, network installation and fiber optic installation. Our expertise makes us your trusted low voltage contractor.

Low Voltage Data Cabling Installers

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Structured cabling systems support functionality of your office network, such as phone services, data transmission and the company server. Every minute of every day, your business relies on technology to keep it operating and advancing forward.  

After all your devices can communicate only as well as the cabling that networks them will allow. Defective data ports, cut wires and bad connections lower the speed of your network or stop the flow of data altogether. 

Whether you are a new business that needs cabling installed or an existing business that needs relocation or new data drops we can help you. We also design and install end-to-end, cutting-edge data center cabling complete with floor, rack and cabinet systems.

5K Security Systems is an established cabling company that specializes in designs and installations of structured cabling systems to provide a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure. We offer systems cabling for voice and data networks, WI-FI, TV, and Voice Over IP technology.

5K Security Systems is a licensed structured cabling firm specializing in low voltage cable solutions. This includes both analog and IP, voice and data solutions. We are experts in designing, installing, troubleshooting and testing Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6 cable solutions.

Do you need a low voltage cabling solution for office buildings, new construction sites, or any other facility?  Based in New York, 5K Security Systems is the cabling company that will sort all your design and installations for voice, data, video, and other commercial low voltage wiring needs.

Best Low Voltage Wiring Contractors

Our skilled technicians will handle any commercial low voltage wiring project with unmatched success. With 5K Security as your low voltage cabling contractor, you can rest knowing that your cabling network is in good hands. 

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