Intercoms and Entry systems

Whether you need an intercom system for your office building, apartment complex or home, 5k Security Systems offers the best options. Our professional Intercom and entry system installers will install a tailor-made system with the latest technology and ease-of-use.

Latest Intercoms and Entry Systems by Professional Installers

At 5K Security Systems, we strive to ensure that we install only the best devices in the industry to guarantee maximum security. 

We install access control system features that add an extra layer of security to your building and premises. They are an incredible way of managing and streamlining access to your property. Through intercom and entry systems, the admin can remotely see someone at the door and grant access on verification.


The communication between the guest and the admin can either be a video chat or off-camera messaging. If you don’t trust the person on the other end, you can just deny entry.

If you want full control over who can access your property, our high-tech systems grant you that and more. Keep away intruders with less hassle.

Our intercoms and entry systems guarantee the most efficient and secure two-way communication. We can help with:

Video intercom
Hard-wired intercom
Wireless unit
Automatic gate entry intercom unit

Whether for residential or commercial properties, 5K Security Systems have the best solutions for you. See and talk to your visitors before letting them in. Install your high-tech screening devices from industry leaders. Call us today.

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“Being in this industry for over two decades, we know every nitty-gritty requirements of the job. We have successfully done it more than enough times, to guarantee you the best results” – Michael Murdahayev, Partner