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We specialize in security cameras, door access controls, and alarm system installations that guarantee your hotel’s guests and property complete security.

Best Hotel Security System Installers

For any hotel or hospitality business to succeed, security is a vital component that we can’t ignore. Before you can gain customers’ trust and grow your reputation, you must provide the desired sense of security for them. Customers need assurance that both they and their property are safe and secure.
That’s why you need to install and update your hotel security system to create the safest environment. However, you must also be able to assure your customers that your security measures and systems will never infringe on their privacy.
We understand this perfectly well, and that’s why we employ only the most qualified experts to install quality, custom hotel security systems that fit your needs. We will review and understand your specific security needs before we can decide on the system that best suits your hotel.

Right from security cameras, alarm systems, door access controls, to video monitoring services, 5K Security Systems will create an all-inclusive system, specific to your needs.

Electronic Door Lock Systems

This is an area that requires both the best installers and the best locking systems. Hotel guests need to know that their rooms are secured and that their items remain safe. For this to happen, we install high-tech RFID (radio frequency identification) door lock systems, and card reader door systems, etc., which are quite efficient and easy to use.
These door access control systems are programmable and use RFID smartcards, which are also user friendly. Unlike using lock and key systems, the smart card reader system offers a much higher security level. With just a swipe or a scan, the lock reads your credentials and grants you access.
Also, if a guest loses a card, the management will simply verify the guest’s credentials and offer a new card. This makes it even more efficient, unlike keys, which you have to re-key the lock.
Only a card with the designated code for that lock can open it. Guests can, therefore, relax and enjoy their stay knowing that their stuff is safe.

State-of-the-art Video Surveillance Systems

High-tech CCTVs combined with video analytics help to keep your hotel even more secure. By monitoring what goes around the premise at all times, you guarantee the safety of your guests.

If there has been a security concern, your security team can review video footage from present and past recordings to identify threats. Qualified professionals from 5K Security Systems will install a security surveillance system that covers all areas of your property for maximum coverage. You can also identify an intruder or a thief on time and prevent any break-ins or property loss.

Alarm Systems

In case of any incident like break-ins, intrusion to a restricted area, or accidents, you’ll need an alarm system to send an alert. This makes an alarm system, an integral part of your hotel security system.
Our alarm systems seamlessly integrate with your security system to ensure your hotel residents’ safety. We will install UL-rated systems that provide safety for your visitors and adhere to the set codes and regulations of the area.
Whether you want to install an alarm system for your small motel, or a grand multi-story hotel, we are here to help actualize that dream. Let our experts secure your property and guests with the market’s top brands.

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