Credentials and Readers

Whether you want to install biometric/print scanners, mobile readers, or smart keycard readers, 5K Security Systems have the most skilled installers to guarantee success in any installation project.

Superior Security with Credentials and Readers devices

For a more secure Access Control System, get our custom credentials and readers for your property. These devices help to determine who accesses which place and who doesn’t. Credentials and readers will keep unauthorized personnel out of restricted areas by verifying their access clearances.

For anyone to access a facility fitted with an access control system, they must first verify their credentials with the machine to be granted access. Depending on the type of access control system, you can use items like smartphones, keycard readers, or key fobs to get verification.

You must scan your device on the machine first, for the system to capture and verify your access credentials. With the advancement in technology, there are numerous and creative ways to secure your business or property.

And, with the sensitivity of these systems, you should seek services from a trusted company. Secure your business, items and properties, with top-notch devices from the best manufacturers. Don’t gamble with your security matters.

Depending on the type of access control system you choose, you can grant people door access through:

Unique PIN
Biometric/fingerprint scans
Mobile pass
Smart/proximity cards

We know the importance of security on your premises. At 5K Security Systems, we ensure that you have it under control. Prevent any unauthorized entry to your property and restricted areas. Reach out to us today, and let’s walk this journey with you.

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