State-of-the-Art Commercial Security Systems Installers

Let the experts handle all your commercial security system installations, and low voltage cabling needs. Right from security cameras, burglar alarms, surveillance cameras and access control systems, 5K Security Systems has your back.

Superior Surveillance Camera Installers

Issues like vandalism, burglary, unauthorized entry and theft will negatively impact your business operations. Comprehensive security is, therefore, necessary to eliminate such problems and keep your business running smoothly. At 5K Security Systems, we are professional camera surveillance installers, who pride in our numerous successful projects that always leave our clients smiling.

Our installations feature advanced security solutions, custom made to tackle the specific security needs of your business. We always ensure that you have complete control over security issues in your business environment.

We are among New York’s most sought after security companies, with experienced technicians and engineers who are always ready to leave you satisfied. Hire the services of the best camera surveillance installers to get your security system up and running.

Intercom Systems

Be able to monitor traffic, screen guests, and secure both your employees and office property. And you don’t have to worry about the cost. We have a variety of intercom systems that will accommodate your budget and still meet your security needs.

Enjoy the benefits of using the latest technologies, including:

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Commercial Access Controls

Secure your business with advanced access controls, including biometric readers, smart access keycards, keypads, fobs, and more. Control your facility’s entry and exit points, and monitor access to sensitive areas. Our web-based solutions also allow you to remotely access and control doors, as well as record every entry and exit.

With these advanced systems, installed by the industry’s best, you have confidence in your commercial building’s access control. You are sure that every entry and exit is secured and that no one will access where they aren’t supposed to.

Video Surveillance

Using your security camera system and our video management services, you can easily monitor your business activities around the clock. Our team of professional camera surveillance installers will design and install the latest surveillance systems, to enable total monitoring and protection of your business.

Our systems feature CCTV, DVR, NVR, and web-based video storage. In addition, we include a remote control option to enable you to access and control your system from any location via a laptop, tablet, PC, or smartphone.

Commercial Alarm system

Commercial Alarm Systems

An alarm system is a crucial component of your business’s security system. It adds an extra security layer to form a comprehensive security solution that covers all areas of interest. We integrate a 24/7 alarm system to your overall security system to enhance monitoring and protection capabilities.

The alarm system will include various sensors strategically placed in multiple locations in your building. This ensures that every corner of your business facility is covered, and no intrusion will go undetected. In case of an unauthorized entry attempt, the sensors automatically send an alert to both your security officers and the local authorities.

And, to make your building even more secure, we integrate the alarm system with the security camera system, which will automatically record the event as it happens. With this, you have total protection against intruders for your commercial property.

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