Burglar Alarm Installation

Keep burglars off your property, hinder unauthorized access, and minimize intrusion and theft. We know too well the need for a sophisticated, fully integrated burglar alarm system.

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Why Install a Burglar Alarm System with Us?

Fitting a burglar alarm system in your workplace is a worthwhile investment. The more protected your commercial building is, the less likely it will be targeted. That’s because the burglar alarm system can help deter an invasion, thus keeping your business safe.

5K Security Systems install state of the art burglar alarm systems. This can be of substantial help when under attack. In case of an emergency or threat to your property or employees, the panic alarm button comes in handy. Installing panic alarm buttons help increase safety.

Our burglar alarm specialists can also help install glass break detectors to your business premises. These glass break detectors help detect when a glass shatters or if there is a presence of smoke.

We serve big organizations, schools, warehouses, banks, hotels, retail stores, apartment complexes and residential homes  

We install different types of security alarm systems, including:

Door and window sensor alarms
Carbon monoxide alarms
Smoke alarms systems
Fire alarms systems

5K Security Systems offers reliable, ultra-modern custom security systems for businesses in NYC and beyond. We make it easy to protect your company assets, employees and clients without breaking the bank. Talk to us today.

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Why choose us to take care of your burglar alarm installation?

“Being in this industry for over two decades,we know every nitty-gritty requirements of the job. We have successfully done it more than enough times, to guarantee you the best results”- Michael Murdahayev, Partner