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Being veterans in this industry, 5K Security Systems promises to deliver efficient access control systems that meet all your needs. We bring on board over 15 years’ experience in, need assessment, designing, and installing systems tailored to best match your requirements. We offer access control installation services for a wide range of facilities including offices, retail stores, warehouses, apartment complexes, residential homes and more.

Hire expert installers to select, install, and integrate all components of your door security system. This ensures that your door access system runs smoothly without downtime or glitches. Achieve the desired peace of mind when you know that no unauthorized access to your property will happen.

You have a wide range of devices to choose from. Whether you desire to install biometric/print scanners, mobile readers, or smart keycard readers, 5K Security Systems have the most skilled installers to guarantee success in any installation project.

Are you ready to scale your security to the next level? 5K Security Systems gives you the chance to install intercoms and entry systems in your office building, apartment complex, or any other facility. We install devices that not only exceed your expectations, but that are also incredibly easy to use.

Access Control Types

For your discretion, there are several unique types of access control solutions to use. You can choose the model that best tackles your needs:
For any access control system need or query, don’t hesitate to reach our support team. We have a ready, around the clock team experts to assist you.

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“Being in this industry for over two decades, we know every nitty-gritty requirements of the job. We have successfully done it more than enough times, to guarantee you the best results” – Michael Murdahayev, Partner