Access Control Installation

At 5K Security Systems, we are known to deliver user-friendly and effective access control systems. We are keen to design and install customized wired or wireless key card security systems that solve any access breach issue.

Access Control Solutions in New York

If you are looking for expert installers of Access Control Systems, 5K Security Systems are the best. We provide solutions suitable for various facilities, including your apartment or business premises. Whether you need smart proximity key card readers, PIN scanners, or fingerprint/biometric systems, we have solutions to fit your various needs.

The success or effectiveness of your Access Control System is as good as your installing company. So, when searching for installation services, make sure to choose an installer who guarantees results. This way, you are assured of your security in and around the premises.

Why You Need an Access Control System

With an efficient Access Control solution, you can easily monitor the movements within your entire building. This also means that you have total control of who can go where, and who can’t. If you need restricted access to a particular area or section of your building, you can grant access only to the people you need there.

Better still, the advanced technology in the devices we use gives you access to records of all movements across these access points. You can, therefore, reduce intrusion into secure sections, and prevent loss of valuable items or information. And in case of intrusion, you have evidence on record.

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Why Hire Access Control System Installation Services from Us

Our solutions guarantee effective and reliable monitoring of your facility’s entries and exits. And, any attempt of unauthorized access will trigger an alert.

  • 5K Security Systems offers continuous services even after successful installation. This helps to ensure that your system maintains efficiency in operation.
  • If you need remote control of your access control system, we will configure that. This way, you can access the system and even make changes from anywhere.
  • We have extensive knowledge about the operation of these access systems, and we’ll choose the equipment and devices that best fits your system of choice.

Secure your entries and exits with either:

Key card reader system – for smart cards, proximity cards, swipe cards, verification.
Biometric/Fingerprint system – for fingerprints, retinas, facial identification.
Smart lock scanners – mobile phones and prox card readers.
Keypads access – for PIN codes.

5K Security Systems offers the most secure access control systems both for your home and office buildings. We are always ready to help. Contact us today. 

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