Want to install an access control system on your property? Get all the facts right with this complete guide.

Facts about Access Controls Installation

Installing access controls on your residential or business property is an excellent move in protecting people, items, and information in these properties. It is an additional feature to your building’s security system that gives you control over who enters and who doesn’t access your property. And, you can even manage this system remotely through your PC or smartphone.
So, what do you need to know about the system before you embark on installing one? Well, keep reading for more great insights.

Types of Access Control Systems

So, what options do you have when installing access controls on your property? There are several options for you, depending on your needs. Some are more complex than others and have varying benefits and drawbacks, but they are better than the keyed systems.

Keypad Access System

This access control system is relatively popular and arguably one of the easiest to use systems. With keypad systems, you don’t need to carry a key, a keycard, or any other verification gadget. All you need is a PIN code – key it on the door keypad, and through you go.
Some keypads are even highly customizable, allowing each employee to have a unique PIN code. The only drawback is that they are less advanced than their counterpart control systems and can’t be remotely controlled.

Keycard Access Controls

Slightly more advanced than the keypads, these access controls are highly customizable. They also have more security features and capabilities. Key cards are normally integrated with a larger security system, which allows you to set up rules and other crucial access details.
However, in this system, you have to carry the physical key card that contains your credentials. The access cards can include proximity cards, swipe cards, smart cards, or combined smart/prox cards.

Smart Locks with Mobile Credentials

These are access control systems that include a smart lock that can read credentials from a mobile phone. Smart locks are one of the most advanced systems in the industry and with most customization capabilities. Most of these smart locks can also read credentials from swipe cards, and prox cards.
And, while most of these systems are cloud-based, several of them still use wireless technologies like Z-Wave, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. For the wireless technologies, they are mostly short-range and require you to be within a certain distance to open the door.

Telephone Entry System

With a telephone entry system, there is a door access panel with a knob that, when pressed, alerts someone inside the building. The person outside, can then talk to the one inside and request for access permission.
These access controls allow you to talk or see the visitor, thus being able to decide whether to grant them access or not. It mostly uses the existing phone line for communication. Some advanced systems are currently using IP networks, as well.

Biometric/Fingerprint Scanners

This is the most advanced access control system in the industry, and certainly the most secure. While keys can be stolen, PINs revealed, and key cards copied, fingerprint scanners offer a higher sense of security.
Although none of the security systems are perfect, biometric verification scanners are the hardest to forge, thus much secure.
The system can be programmed to identify faces, retinas, fingerprints, or even voices. However, the most popular ones are designed to scan fingerprints.

Benefits of Access Control Systems

Like most other security systems components, door access controls are available in various sizes, configurations, modes of use, and integration capabilities. Whether it’s a small property with only a few doors to control, or a large business complex with numerous entries and exits, an access control system is necessary.
Installing a biometric or prox card verification system on your doors is one way to ensure that only authorized people get access. When integrated with a security surveillance system, it gives you comprehensive security for your premises, as you also get video footage of any unauthorized entry attempt.
Here is why you need a quality access control system:

Increased Security

The main reason for installing this system is to heighten security – which it does perfectly. Unlike traditional lock and key systems, access controls are hard to bypass. With the right system, you are sure to keep off unauthorized people or staff from restricted areas.

Eliminates Worry

Unlike with keys which are prone to misplacement, and might require expensive lock changes when lost, keyless access controls are quite safe. For instance, with a biometric identification lock system, you don’t need to worry – unless your finger got chopped off.
Also, with prox card readers, you can easily replace the card without changing your locks. This is quite efficient, especially for large businesses with numerous employees. You eliminate the hassle of key replacements every time an employee loses one.

Digital Records and Logs

These door lock systems provide data on everyone who enters or exits the property. With such data, you can keep tabs of every visitor or staff who enters or leaves through your property’s doors. This can be quite useful in case of an incident like theft.

Highly Customizable

Technological advances are being made every day in various fields, and this one is also not left behind. The current access controls are highly customizable, giving you endless opportunities to customize your access permissions.
Whether you want a complete restriction to certain areas, or during specific hours or days, the system is quite flexible.

Smartphone Accessible

With the presence of cloud-based systems, the control and monitoring of your building get even easier. You can easily manage your access control system remotely via a smartphone from wherever you are.
Various access control systems companies have mobile apps that integrate with their cloud-based systems to offer efficient remote control.

Easy to Manage Multiple Properties

If you have multiple properties or business branches and need a system that allows your employees to move freely within the properties, you need not worry.
With access control systems, you can easily set up permissions that allow your employees to use only one card to access the various buildings. This is quite efficient, unlike with keys where you need to have a different set of keys for every building.

Conclusion on Access Controls Installation

With the access control system, you can effectively secure both the property and the people in your building. However, you can’t ignore the fact that it might be challenging to decide which access controls best suits you. But, with this guide, together with hiring the right installers, you’ll have the system that you need and even more.

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