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When it comes to installing security systems in your home or business, guesswork is never an option.

Your security is vital, and thus the need to seek services from trusted security installers. At 5k Security Systems, we have the ideal team of experts for all your security systems and low voltage cabling needs.

Even after installation, we never leave your side. We are keen to stick around and ensure that your systems are always at their peak performance.  As one of the leading companies in installing security systems in New York, we keep our word.

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Our Clients

We pride in over 15 years of making clients smile from successful projects perfectly done by our professional installers. 5K Security Systems is your perfect private and commercial security and low voltage cabling solutions partner.

In a market full of counterfeit brands, we guarantee to create and install tailored, cutting-edge, and industry-approved systems to meet your specific security needs. Right from low voltage cabling, to security cameras, business security, and burglar alarm systems installations, we offer top-notch services.

When your business is secure, and the systems perform optimally, every process runs efficiently. This, in turn, guarantees you increased productivity and satisfied customers.

What We Do

We specialize in  low voltage structured cabling, audiovisual installation, smart home automation, access control and security camera installation services Whether residential or commercial, our cabling and security solutions guarantee safety at any time of the day.

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Why Choose Us

When picking a contractor to undertake any project, success, and peace of mind during and after the project are crucial factors. For this reason, 5k Security Systems offers that and more, making it a unique and the best choice for you.

Highly-qualified Installers

Expertise is the first ingredient for a successful project, and we know that. That’s why we pick just the most qualified professionals to complete the project for you. Whether it’s installing security systems, or offering low voltage cabling solutions, we have the best technicians in the market.

Extensive Experience

Being in this industry for over two decades, we know every nitty-gritty requirements of the job. We have successfully done it more than enough times, to guarantee you the best results.

Unmatched Service and Support Team

We know the importance of a responsive service and support team. That’s why we have 24/7 support for you. Always feel free to contact us for any query or issue that requires our assistance.

Customized Solutions

Since every problem is unique, trying to generalize them is never a solution. That’s why we always study and understand your need to create a tailored set of solutions that perfectly fits your needs.
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